At some point in our travelling life most of us are bound to have an issue with car keys. Nearly a quarter of drivers lose car keys at some point and about 1 in 10 have had theirs stolen.

This is where an auto locksmith like myself will be able to help. I specialise in locksmith services for all kinds of car including replacement car keys, keys locked in car, damaged car keys and replacement car keys. I can provide these services for cars, vans, mobile homes, caravans, buses and coaches, trucks and lorries and even scooters and motorcycles.

Replacement Cars Keys

As an Auto Locksmith I can order blank keys, cut and program new keys for you. Sometimes only the key portion needs replacing as it’s snapped or has worn through years of use or the design allows for this. Getting new car keys can be quite a hard process and can leave you with frayed nerves, but I am fully geared up to make the process simple and as easy as possible. It is also often cheaper to get me to replace your car keys than it is to get them from a main dealer.

New Spare Key

I highly advise to have a spare car key in case you lose or break one. This can mean the difference between getting away on time for your holiday or getting to work on time. It can even save valuable time in an emergency. Getting a spare set of car keys made by an auto locksmith such as myself is a prudent course of action.

Lost Car Keys

If you have lost your car keys, if you have had me cut you a spare set you are lucky, I can replace them for you and make sure the original keys can no longer be used by having them taken off the vehicle database.

Locking Your Cars Keys in the Car.

As a professional auto locksmith I am trained to access vehicles using the correct tools and knowledge without damaging your car by drilling out locks. It’s a quick process and you will often find that the car rescue and breakdown agencies are not equipped to do so and will call someone like me. It’s often less hassle if you have a lock out to call me in the first place.

Damaged Or Snapped Keys

Keys become damaged through wear and tear and eventually break; auto locksmith can repair your key if this happens and reprogram remote key fobs. If you notice that the blade is beginning to bend, it’s best to get them replaced before they break entirely.

Car keys get worn with use and can even break after continual use. As an Auto Locksmith I can repair your key, replace them with a new set and also reprogram key fobs. If your key is worn or bent its best to have it replaced as soon as possible as they can snap off in the lock.

Car Key Stuck in Ignition Switch

If you have snapped your key off in the ignition barrel then it’s hard to sort it out in a hurry unless you know what you are doing. If it’s stuck and won’t turn back then it isn’t coming out in a hurry without the help of a professional. As an Auto Locksmith I can help you get over these problems and replace worn keys and reprogram and cut new ones.

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