Suffolk Auto Locksmith – What is a transponder key?

Most cars built after 1999 – 2000 come with a type of car key that is known as a transponder key.

Transponder is a word made up of two other words – transmitter and respond. Most modern cars are fitted with a transponder system that is coupled with the ECU, Alarm System and Central Locking. The actual ignition key has a coded chip that interacts with these systems allowing you access to start the car. This in turn disables the security systems so you can drive your car away.

When you insert your car key or card into the ignition, a coded radio signal is sent from the car to the chip, to enquire if it has the correct access. If it does, a signal is sent back to the car, which is then approved by the ignition and security system. If the battery has gone flat on your key or car or you have damaged your car keys then sometimes this chip will not function properly as it has lost the code. It will then be impossible to defeat the alarm and security and your ECU will prevent the ignition from being armed – therefore you won’t be able to start your car and the alarm will usually sound within 20 seconds.

It takes specialist tools and equipment to program a transponder key to correctly match your cars systems and this is on purpose as it provides a great deal of security. It means that keys and transponder codes can not easily be copied. Even if you have a key cut to exactly match the original, if the correct code has not been programmed into it, you can be sure it will not work.

Qualified and professional Auto Locksmiths like PSM Locks based in Ipswich, have the latest most up to date equipment to cut and program transponder keys for all the mainstream cars made from 1999 onward, so you can be sure to be on your way without fuss or bother.

PSM Locks can source key blanks for most cars and then obtain the correct codes and program the transponder to correctly match your car’s systems. 99% of the time this can be done at a cost that is far far less than what a main dealer would charge – a main dealer can charge prices to make your eyes water for getting new keys cut and programmed – often in the region of £1000.

If you are a car owner in and around Ipswich, or you are locked out of your car in Suffolk or the Colchester area, you can call PSM Locks – we are professional and experienced Auto Locksmiths and will be with you rapidly to get you back into your vehicle.

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