PSM Locks is now a member of the ALA

PSM Locks is now a member of the Auto Locksmiths Association. To be a member of the ALA, all Auto Locksmiths must do the following:

  • Open all vehicles without causing damage.
  • Be able to make keys for existing locks.
  • Supply and program transponder keys and remotes to cars and vehicles on the roadside, at a place of work, at home or on garage premises.
  • Supply keys to a pattern or known key number using professional cutting machines.
  • Be able to build locks and combinations from a code or a key.
  • Have the ability to remove broken keys from ignition switches and door locks without causing further damage and needing to replace the existing lock.

Being a member of the ALA ensures that you the customer are getting the very best service possible from an Auto Locksmith and that you can be safe in the knowledge your car is not going to incur further damage from any work done.

Only genuine auto locksmiths who have been trading for over 2 years are allowed to be members and must take an exam to qualify. All members are personal and corporate membership is not allowed. This means your ALA locksmith is personally approved.

Safe, secure, damage free and on your way to where you were going without fuss or bother.


Auto Locksmiths Association

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