Lost car key?

We have all had a day when we are going about our business whether at work or home and then realise we have completely no idea where the car keys are. You are so busy dealing with life that you have absolutely no idea where you left them.

A few years ago when car keys did not have transponders and security devices they were much cheaper and easier to replace when lost or stolen. Most of us when we have a lost our car keys do a Google search on our phones or computer and type in something like “lost car keys” and you see that Google generally shows a list if your local locksmiths. Sometimes you get adverts from car dealers mixed in with this as well.


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The trouble with getting your car towed to a main dealer or local garage is the expense is usually much higher than you realised or anticipated on that day and some of them are not even open all day leaving you stuck and panicking about what to do.

Another and probably the best course of action is to call your local specialist auto locksmith and hope they are open when you need them and that they have all the correct equipment to produce a brand new spare key and encode it to work with your car. A good auto locksmith like PSM Locks will have all this equipment and be able to cut and reprogram a new key for your car on the spot without any fuss and usually within 30 minutes of your calling. Its generally a much better option than calling a dealer and always cheaper.

When choosing an auto locksmith there are a few things you should look out for:

Many locksmiths do not have the correct equipment or knowledge to produce you a new car key on the spot, but as they can be greedy they will come out anyway or send the work to a subcontractor and then charge you many hundreds for the privilege.

If they don’t know what they are doing they outsource the work which effectively doubles the price as the locksmith wants to be paid but also so does the subcontractor. Generally you will find that large national companies tend to do this as they will do anything to get the work even if that means lying about whether they can do the job or not. They are also paid on commission so that means they don’t always do the job to a quality you expect due to time constraints.

These kinds of locksmiths also tend to not tell you that the price that’s quoted is the minimum price, a call out charge in other words and then a lot of money added on top. Because you are desperate and need to get it done you pay the extortionate fees. This is exactly what they want you to do so they can reap the money.

So how do you ensure you don’t get ripped off by the cowboys?

Always make sure you get the exact price before you agree, that includes making sure its not an estimate or a minimum price but a true 100% genuine quote. Always ask for a quote as it has a different legal definition.

Always check out the locksmiths site and social media, you can learn a lot from how they present themselves and read customer reviews.

Any good and professional locksmith can ask a few questions to give you an exact quote without seeing your car. Don’t fall for the “well I really need to see it first” tactic as they suck through their teeth…

Luckily there are Locksmiths in your local area like us PSM Locks, who provide a genuine professional service in your area and actually live and work in your area. Locksmiths like PSM Locks do not subcontract or work for a franchise or national chain, so you can be assured you are getting a good quality local service with local prices.

At PSM we have state of the art cutting tools and equipment to always ensure you are back on the road with the minimum of fuss come rain or shine. PSM Locks provides a fast efficient service that is great value for money and won’t get you bogged down in the worry of huge dealer fees.

You can be on your way safe in the knowledge you got a good old fashioned service, without fuss or bother and that you were not ripped off for it.

As PSM Locks is fully mobile we can be with you on the spot within a few minutes and offer you a trustworthy and customer friendly service, where we can cut you a new car key on site and a spare if required and also program them.

As with all things in life always use common sense in choosing a service provider and if something feels wrong it generally is. Always check the company is a legitimate one before letting them near your car and look out for things like CRB checks and if they belong to any associations such as the Auto Locksmiths Association and ensure they have a landline and a local address.

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