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If you have lost your car keys or had them stolen, I have one of the best solutions in our region. My Auto Locksmith service is based locally in Ipswich, where I live and is fully mobile and can cut and program car keys for any vehicle.

I have all the latest tech and software coupled with years of experience, to read your ECU and make a new car key wherever you are on the spot. I am CRB (DBS) checked and can be with you in as little as 30 minutes on the kerbside.

Replacement Car Keys in Suffolk and Ipswich

The trouble with car keys is that no matter how much we try to keep them safe, there comes a point where we misplace them. You search and search and then panic sets in as you realise you cannot find them. Sometimes we have the key but suddenly find that although they were working when you got home from work last night, this morning they are completely dead and you cant get in the car. This is when you need a crucial auto locksmith service such as the one I provide in and around Ipswich and Suffolk, quickly and efficiently without fuss.

Great Prices – Lost Key Replacement Service

When you have lost your car keys or realise you need them replaced, you want certain things from an auto locksmith service, the first one is efficiency and speed, especially if you are panicking and stuck. The second thing you need is competitive pricing. You want to know you are getting a good price not having to re-mortgage your home or business.

Replacing a modern car key or fob is a specialist job and should always be carried out by a professional as you can find yourself locked out by the immobiliser or security system if you don’t do it properly. Here at PSM I have years of expert knowledge from the field to provide a professional service across the Ipswich area. You get the job done right first time and are not left stranded having to call someone else because I failed to do it correctly.

Perfect Replacement Car Keys

Most modern car keys and remotes are anything but keys, they are miniature computers with chips and electronics, they send information to the cars security system to lock and unlock your doors and turn off the alarm and security systems whilst you get into your car. They can even start the car and close the windows remotely. So its important to get the right fob as well as the metal blade part of the key.

As well as remote, flip and card style keys I also provide old fashioned non remote style keys and I can also provide spares and copies of your existing keys for your peace of mind.

With hundreds of happy customers over the years and great reviews, you really are in the hands of a tried and trusted expert backed up by years of knowledge and experience in providing car keys for all kinds of customers throughout the Ipswich and Suffolk area. From small commuter cars, to high end prestige vehicles, to commercial trucks and vans I have a full service to provide you all the keys you need without fuss or bother.

I am a local independent locksmith who runs my own company, it is family owned, I live and work in the area and I am not part of a national chain, nor have I ever been part of a national chain. Be aware of local locksmiths that are anything but local, disguised as local locksmiths, when in fact they are franchises or have worked for big national companies. They truly will not have the good old fashioned local knowledge and customer service that we people in Suffolk are used too and proud of.



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